What is more important than family? Especially when it comes down to making big decisions about senior living, family carries a lot of influence. It can also lead to frustrations, with differences in opinions and personal expectations conflicting. Nonetheless, family members, and adult children especially, are incredibly influential when it comes to choosing a senior living community, according to seniorlivingmag.com. Making sure everyone’s expectations are the same is critical to the process. Here are a few areas where family influence and expectations can help seniors choose a senior living community.

  • Initial evaluation – Except in cases of severe medical needs, it can be easy to downplay the need for help. Allowing a trusted family member to come in and help assess can help to create more of a clear and complete picture of overall well-being. From here, with a clear perspective, more decisions can be made and priorities listed, helping to narrow down choices in senior living communities.
  • Selecting a community – Bringing along a family member as you explore the options for senior living communities can be incredibly helpful. A second perspective may see things in a way that you on your own don’t, or ask questions you would never think to ask. They could also help you evaluate what you do or don’t like about particular communities, and narrow down the choices from an impossible range to a more manageable few.
  • Adjusting to a new home – There’s nothing like family to make you feel comfortable in a new home. The moving process can be incredibly stressful, especially when it comes to downsizing from a larger home into a smaller space. Inviting a family member to walk alongside you as you transition out of one home and into another can be a huge benefit and relief.
  • Continued support – Even after the initial move and transition, family can help improve your living situation. Learning all the ins and outs of a new community can be a lot of fun, and it can be even more fun when you maintain your connection with family and can share all the wonderful new experiences you are having in your senior living.

Family is a complex part of life, one that brings a great amount of joy, influence, and meaning. Including your family in your senior living is especially meaningful and beneficial. With differing expectations, miscommunication springs up easily, but we hope that our tips will help you to have a good idea of how to manage family expectations in senior living. University Village retirement community is always open to including your family members in a tour of our facilities and we welcome your unique perspective in our community.

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Meet the University Village Employee of the month for February, the lovely Dulce Rodriguez! Dulce delivers “service with a smile” in the UV Dining Room. This hard worker has been with our dining services team for a year and a half. Her nomination states that Dulce is very warm and caring, and stands out as a leader and a terrific team member. Dulce shares that appreciates being honored by her peers and says she is very honored and excited. Plus, she really loves all the residents! Congratulations on a job well done!

For more information about assisted living Tulsa OK communities or senior living in Tulsa, contact University Village here.

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To learn about assisted living in Tulsa OK at University Village or senior living communities Tulsa OK locations, contact us here.

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Hello residents! My name is Morgan Fowler and I am the new Life Enrichment Coordinator for Apartment Residents. I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and graduated from Union High School in Tulsa in 2013. I graduated from Oklahoma State University this year and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Recreational Therapy. I love arts and crafts, and being outdoors – specifically hiking and camping. I love dogs, sushi, and spending time with my friends and family. I am also heavily involved in my church, with the youth group and the nursery. I am always open to suggestions, advice, or just to talk – I am very excited to be part of the University Village community, and am thrilled to bring excitement and new adventures to you all!

Greetings to our new Cottage Valet, Wayne Wall. Wayne is a native Oklahoman from Wyandotte. He and his wife Lisa have known each other since Kindergarten, and now they have 2 kids and 2 grandchildren. Wayne is also a retired pastor of 35 years.
At University Village, Wayne is assisting the cottage residents in various ways. He transports residents to and from the main building in the UV trolley, delivers packages, and helps folks bring groceries into their cottages, along with a few other services! Wayne is enjoying his time in the neighborhood and really has a heart for serving others.

Welcome, new UV Staff! We are committed to making our residents’ retirement the absolute best it can be and our tireless staff is a vital part of that. We are thankful to have such wonderful people working in our community!

University Village offers the best options for nursing home Tulsa OK and senior living communities in Tulsa OK. Contact us here to learn more.

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Have you ever looked around your home and wondered, “Where did all this stuff come from?” It’s a common question, and a common problem, as, over the years various articles seem collect and build until we are faced with a seeming mountain of “stuff”. Don’t be afraid! Simplifying your life by getting rid of some of this may help you reduce stress and improve your retirement living. Here are some steps to help you develop the art of simplifying courtesy of seniorlivingmag.com

  • Sprint, Not a Marathon. If you can break up your task into manageable pieces, you will find yourself much more successful than an attempt to clear out the whole house in one fell swoop.
  • Set a timer. After about 45 minutes, people tend to hesitate more when it comes to making decisions to keep or throw away something. Take a break and walk away before returning to the task and you will be much more effective.
  • Gather helpers. Involving your family or friends can be beneficial to the process of cleaning out your space. However, “can” is the key word – some loved ones may actually impede your progress! Choose people who will challenge you throughout the process. If your family is sentimental, it could be helpful for you to be able to pass on certain items that you don’t particularly want or need anymore.
  • Focus on all the good! Make your newfound cleared-out space beautiful, safe, and functional. Enjoy the tranquility that washes over you as you let go of the burden of unwanted stuff cluttering your home.
  • Consider hiring a professional. Plenty of people nowadays offer downsizing or organizational services. Take their services into consideration as it may possibly save you time and stress. Even a consultation by a professional may help spark ideas and inspiration!

Simplifying your stuff can take a load off your mind and help you find additional peace in your retirement living. Retirement living ought to be wonderful, and tackling a big project such as decluttering can provide a big improvement, not to mention a sense of satisfaction and achievement. University Village retirement community can help you take more steps to improving your senior living… find how by connecting with us here!

University Village is an exceptional senior living Tulsa community. Contact us here to learn more about senior living in Tulsa.

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Robyn Fletcher, Life Enrichment Coordinator for the Health Center, deserves recognition! She has been at UV for just over six months. Robyn is very proud to be working here at University Village and loves the residents, stating, “This isn’t a job… I love it too much! I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this!” Her nominations detailed how she brings positive energy to her work every day. She respectfully holds a memorial service to celebrate the life of each resident who has passed. She also organized a grand Christmas party for the residents which was very well attended. Robyn has a “can-do” attitude towards life which is contagious and shares, “This is my calling and I am happy to work with our sweet residents.” We are thankful for Robyn and her service to UV residents. Congratulations Robyn!

With the help of our senior living communities Tulsa OK location, we can improve your retirement! Our retirement home Tulsa OK staff is ready and willing to help you. Click here to contact us.

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If you believe you or your loved one is ready to explore the senior living communities in Tulsa OK, contact us here. Our nursing home Tulsa OK community offers exceptional care.

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Bill Sitler loves life! He is the second son of Grace and Lawrence Sitler, born in Alliance, Ohio. He still wonders how he was so blessed to have the mom he had! Bill says, “She was a true gem. Back in the 30’s a woman with 2 children and widowed had nothing. Her life inspired me to go to college.“
Bill continues, “Before I went to college I served in the Army. I thought I was going to get a cushy job as a photographer but I found out that on D-day 14 photographers went on shore with the troops and only 3 returned. It was fortunate the war was over before I went in. My job was a lab Technician. I’d fix the film that photographers and technicians messed up. Eventually, I became an instructor of photography for 2 years. Upon leaving the Army, I went to Kent State University and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Photographic Journalism. Westinghouse Electric Cooperation was my next stop over for Graduate Student Training Program which led me into a Manufacturers Agent. I developed a device to pick up the end bells of the Saturn Missile which then got used to pick up the wings section of fighter jets (SR71). What a great experience I’ve had between work and travel!
I married Sally Mantle, the love of my life, in April 1954. We had 2 children and now I have 4 grandchildren. We met some extremely interesting people, traveled to 24 countries including Israel, and all 50 states. I realized going to Israel wasn’t a vacation but a pilgrimage, a religious experience. It was awesome. Life has been an amazing ride.” Since moving to University Village Bill has found great joy in meeting folks. He is UV’s encourager and comedian bringing joy wherever he goes. We look forward to his photography class coming soon!
At University Village, you are our highest priority! Our retirement home Tulsa OK seeks to serve you in the very best way with regards to assisted living in Tulsa OK. Contact us here for more information.

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When the time comes to transition you or your loved one into a senior living community, there will inevitably be a million thoughts and worries before and throughout the transition period. But there is no need to stress! Chances are, after allowing yourself a little while to adjust, you will find yourself happy and comfortable in your new community. In the meantime, here are some tips on how to make that adjustment period the best it can be.

  • Give yourself time. It is unreasonable to expect that you will immediately feel comfortable in a new place, especially in the very beginning. The first few days of living in a new place will probably feel awkward and uncomfortable… but that’s okay! According to seniorlivingmag.com, a minimum of three months is normally what it takes to feel truly adjusted, although sometimes that time can be much shorter!
  • Keep a good attitude. Attitude is can make or break any experience. Think positive – see this transition as an opportunity for good change to happen! Senior living communities can offer so much to their residents, from healthy, delicious meals served daily without the hassle of cooking to the atmosphere of friendship and community among the residents. After adjusting to life in a new place, many seniors ask themselves, “Why didn’t we do this earlier?”
  • Make connections. Friends can help put anyone at ease in new situations. Rather than worrying about whether or not you will “fit in”, look for opportunities to join in on social activities, or strike up a conversation with one of your fellow residents at the dinner table. Building a social bond with the people near to you will help you to feel connected and comfortable in the community, even if you are still figuring it all out.

We hope that these tips help you or your loved one as you begin adjusting into life at a senior living community. If you haven’t begun your search yet for a senior living community, let us help! At University Village, we offer a beautiful community to meet your specific retirement living needs. We want to help you find your best options for retirement – come and tour our community to see what life at University Village is really like!

Choosing a nursing home Tulsa OK can be a challenge. University Village can help by providing quality care for your senior living Tulsa. Learn more by contacting us here.

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Housekeeper, Simegn Wolde, deserves special recognition this month! Simegn has been employed with UV for more than two years and was thrilled to receive this special acknowledgement. She says she loves coming to work. Everyone is like “family” to her. Simegn’s nomination states that she is a hard worker, dependable, is always ready to assist her team and is a positive inspiration. Best of all, Simegn has an award-winning smile and attitude, which she gladly shares with residents and staff.

Learn more about how University Village can help meet your needs by contacting us here when it comes time to make the move into an assisted living Tulsa OK community. Senior living in Tulsa is made easy at our retirement community!

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