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Are you a forgetful person? Constantly forgetting exactly where you put your keys is certainly annoying, but is not necessarily by itself a symptom of a larger problem.  As your mind ages though, more and more things seem to slip through the cracks.  It does not have to be this way!

Here are some tips and techniques from mayoclinic.com to help keep your mind as sharp in your 80’s as your 20’s.

  1. Stay Active – In the same way that physical activity helps to keep your body in good shape, mental activity keeps your mind in good shape! Learn to play an instrument or learn a new hobby, complete crossword or math puzzles, anything you can do to keep your mind active!

  2. Be a Social Butterfly – Keeping up your social calendar helps to prevent depression and fight off stress, which keeps your thoughts clear and your mind healthy!

  3. Organize everything – Focusing on one task at a time is not always possible, but keeping your surroundings tidy will minimize distractions and maximize your memory by focusing on the task at hand rather than wondering about dusting or that stack of papers.  Keeping a small notebook to record and remember important things such as a grocery list is beneficial as well.

  4. Get Some Zzzzz’s – Regular, healthy sleep cycles is an incredibly important part of keeping your mind sharp. Make getting enough sleep a priority.

  5. Balancing Act – That foggy feeling after you eat too much junk food is not just an imagined thing… maintaining healthy eating habits truly affects your mental health as well.

  6. Physical Wellness – Including some sort of physical activity in your daily life is important for many reasons, but especially because when your heart gets a-pumping, there is increased blood flow to your brain.

  7. Take Care – You should never neglect your own health, especially when it comes to chronic conditions.  Not only will avoiding a doctor’s instructions lead to worsening symptoms of your condition, but it may also lead to additional memory problems.

Taking preventative steps to ensure your memory now can truly help you in the long run.  If you are interested in taking more steps to improve your retirement living, University Village can help! Tour our community and see what life is like here.

When choosing a nursing home Tulsa OK community, keep University Village in mind! Our senior living communities in Tulsa OK have services to meet your specific needs. Contact us here.

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Beverly Crowe Austin was born June 28, 1930 to her wonderful parents in Joplin, Missouri. Shortly after birth, at nine days old she began life’s journey with her mother. They traveled by train to accompany her father who was stationed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with the United States Postal Service. Beverly has two younger sisters. While growing up in busy city life, she and her siblings were members of Campfire Girls. She participated from the age of seven to fifteen years old. Her mother was also a leader of the group and held the meetings at their home. Every year she attended the summer camp. This was a big part of their family unity circle. Beverly graduated from Classen High School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She was a member of the Pep Club and loved participating in the school activities. Beverly went on to continue her journey. She began working at AT&T phone Service Company. She was in the New and Change Design Department. She had the pleasure of testing the products before they hit the market for sale. She was a part of the company for 30 years and then retired. She is the proud parent of two sons named Warren and James. One of her fondest memories of parenting is the family trip to Europe. She enjoyed the vacation so much, one of her wishes is to return to Europe again! She is the honorable grandmother of six grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Beverly’s hobbies include collecting music boxes, reading books and watching her favorite college team OU play football. Since arriving here at University Village with her adorable cat Tippy at the beginning of 2017, she has enjoyed the friendly and helpful staff. Beverly has also made some new friends and loves to talk and enjoy the beautiful scenery and floral arrangements of the UV community.

Searching for assisted living Tulsa OK communities? University Village can help! Contact us here and discover all you need to know about our retirement homes in Tulsa OK and how we can help you have a more comfortable retirement.

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Family members and loved ones are what makes life meaningful, and their safety is always a concern, especially as our loved ones begin to age. Little accidents at home can turn into life-threatening events without care and attention. Prevention of these accidents is key! But where should you start? Let us help! Here are some of the biggest areas of concern when it comes to protecting and preventing your loved ones from becoming injured in an accident at home, thanks to seniorlivingmag.com.

  • Safety rails. Installing safety rails or grab bars throughout the house is a common recommendation for seniors living in their own home, but often people simply utilize the pre-existing things, for example, towel bars and toilet paper holders, as a placeholder. Unfortunately, these can cause serious accidents should they pull away from the wall. Be sure to have securely installed grab bars and safety rails in stairways and in bathrooms, or anywhere else your loved one is likely to need extra support.
  • Tripping/slipping hazards. Slick tile, loose throw rugs, uneven floor (or pavement outside), even the bottom of the bathtub are all potentially dangerous hazards to slip or trip on. Remove any loose items and keep walkways clear and as even as possible, as well as providing non-slip mats to slick floors.
  • Lighting and electrical cords. Sufficient lighting can make a huge difference in avoiding hazards, especially when it comes to dimly lit hallways or stairways. Electrical cords are another hidden danger which is easily solved by firmly attaching the cords to the walls.
  • Simple awareness. Making quick fixes throughout these and other areas of the home when you notice them can help prevent disaster from striking in your or your loved one’s home. At University Village retirement community, we are committed to keeping you safe, and we offer a secure, beautiful, and homelike community with plenty of support for whatever stage of retirement you find yourself in. Come tour our community today!

At University Village, we believe that finding your best option for assisted living in Tulsa OK should not be tedious or frustrating. Let us help you learn more about our retirement home Tulsa OK community by contacting us here.

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Abigail says she really enjoys her job and loves the residents! She’s been part of our UV Cottage Housekeeping team for more than a year and cheerfully takes care of cleaning the units and guest cottage in a professional and timely manner. Her co-workers say she is hard-working, efficient, thorough and pleasant to be around. Abigail is well deserving of this recognition!

Contact us here to learn what senior living in Tulsa at University Village is really like.  Contact us here to learn more about how our senior living communities Tulsa OK can improve your retirement.

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Contact us here today to schedule a tour of our senior living communities Tulsa OK location and learn how we can help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest at our retirement home Tulsa OK community.

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Miriam Larsen was born at home in Hunter, North Dakota. She has one older brother as a sibling. She describes the area they lived in as prairie lands, however they spent many summer days at the lake. In 1955 Miriam married Dean and they moved to Oklahoma in 1964. They had 2 daughters and 2 sons, and Miriam was a stay at home mother while her children were growing up. Her 4 children have blessed her family with 13 grandchildren, including a set of quadruplets, and 11 great-grandchildren. In the early 1990s Miriam went back to school at Tulsa Junior College and earned a degree to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. Using this skill, she went on to work at St. John Medical Center, Central States Orthopedic Center, and a doctor’s office. When I asked Miriam what she liked to do for enjoyment, her face lit up and she said, “sing”! Miriam was a part of the Tulsa Tri Tones, the First Methodist Chapel Choir performing Madrigal Court dinners and many other choirs. She was even a church choir director for 15 years. Another fun fact about Miriam and Dean is that they were the owners of the Sleepy Hollow restaurant on 65th and Lewis. It was a Tulsa favorite that served the best family style meals. Their son-in-law was the baker of their famous buttermilk biscuits. If you lived in Tulsa during those years, you have surely eaten at Sleepy Hollow. After retirement, Miriam and her husband would go to Minnesota to either Loon Lake, or Lake Lizzy and rent a cabin for 3 months. They had a lot of relatives in the area and people would gather and make memories. Miriam, and her two dogs, Jack and Millie, have adjusted well to University Village and she is having a ball. She has already joined the 300 club in Wii bowling and, of course, is a member of the choir.

Of all the senior living in Tulsa OK options, chose University Village! Come visit our nursing home Tulsa OK location. Click here to contact us for more information on our options for senior living commmunites Tulsa OK.

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Learn all you need to know about assisted living Tulsa OK communities with help from our staff at University Village, our senior living communities Tulsa OK. Contact us here to learn how we can help your search for retirement homes in Tulsa OK.

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He’s that happy guy with the big smile, who is always willing to do whatever he can to meet the needs of our residents. Jeremy has been with UV Dining Services for three years. His co-workers think he’s great … And so do we!

Congratulations, Jeremy!

Let us help you find your best choice for a retirement home Tulsa OK at University Village. Our assisted living Tulsa OK community can help you have a better retirement at our beautiful senior living communities Tulsa OK.

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University Village can help improve your senior living Tulsa! Contact us here to discover how our nursing home Tulsa OK can meet your needs.

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