For the past year, Bin has been busy serving our residents in the Dining Room. His co-workers say he is always willing to help others, busy or not, and no task is too big or small. Plus, Bin has a smile for everyone! His positive attitude is uplifting to the dining team and he goes above and beyond expectations without complaining. In fact, he makes the work day fun! Bin is recognized for doing an outstanding job and for making the day so bright for so many at University Village. Bin has come a long way and is much deserving of this award.

If you believe you or your loved one is ready to start exploring senior living communities in Tulsa OK, we can help. Click here to learn more about our nursing home Tulsa OK community.

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Our residents have wonderful things to say about University Village! Watch the video below to hear from Bob & Evelyn, two of our University Village residents, on what makes University Village so special.







Whatever your retirement needs may be, our retirement homes in Tulsa OK can help meet them. University Village offers exceptional care in our assisted living Tulsa OK community. Contact us today!

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Seniors, you are living in the golden years. There are many areas where retirement particularly seems to shine, and you may be missing out on one of them: senior discounts! It never hurts to take full advantage of all the benefits of being 55+, so here are the top four areas where you may be able to save some extra money!


  • Restaurants: A large number of national chain restaurants offer various senior discounts upon requests. Some fast food restaurants will offer you a free food or drink item simply with proof of age, some restaurants will offer a discount off the final total on your receipt. Obtaining an AARP card can be beneficial, but it is not necessary for many restaurants. Ask the staff next time you are out to eat, and you may save a couple extra bucks!
  • Entertainment: Certain chains of movie theaters offer up to 30% off your movie tickets for seniors! If you are more of a get-up-and-go kind of person who is up for a bit more activity and exploration, the U.S. National Parks service offers various passes for a discounted price for seniors, and discounts can also be found for certain attractions or amusement parks across the states. Dig around before you head out on your next little adventure and you never know how it might pay off.
  • Retail Shopping: Once again, chain stores come in with some pretty great savings offers for seniors. Certain stores offer special senior savings days every week, others only offer savings once a month. Either way, choosing to schedule your shopping trips around those times may pay off… all the more shopping you can do!
  • Travel: Here is yet another way you can find yourself with extra cash. Many travel companies offer senior discounts on their services, including several different airlines, rental car companies, and a number of hotels. Simply ask before you book the next time you are planning a vacation and you may be surprised at how easy it is to save money.

Senior discounts are a surprisingly underutilized resource. For a more complete and specific list of senior discounts, see For more information on how to improve your senior living, UV can help!

If you are looking for information regarding life at a retirement home Tulsa OK community, contact us here to learn about how University Village can help meet your needs for assisted living in Tulsa OK.

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Anita Jo (Beebe) Wilson was born in Ark City, Kansas on April 12, 1928. Her family was blessed four years later with another child, Anita’s younger sister. Her parents were both hard workers, with her mother working in the Bomber Plant which built war planes, therefore Anita and her sister were raised by her grandmother and an aunt. Anita Jo moved to Tulsa at the age of 14, and soon graduated from Marquette Catholic School. In 1945, at the age of 17, Anita Jo began working her first job as an elevator operator in the Kennedy Building on 4th and Boston in downtown Tulsa. During this time, a coworker introduced Anita Jo to Gordon Wesley Wilson Jr., called Buddy by his friends. Anita Jo fell in love. Gordon was from Tulsa, and as a young man served in the U.S. Navy for three years. Within one year of dating, Anita Jo and Buddy were married, on December 11th, 1946 at Brookside Baptist Church. Together, they raised seven sons, including a set of twins. Throughout this time, Anita Jo was also a dedicated volunteer at St. Francis Hospital for 30 years, while Gordon worked in the family trucking business with his father.
Sadly, Gordon passed away in November of 2008, after over 60 wonderful years of marriage. Anita Jo moved into University Village shortly after. Anita keeps very busy with her various hobbies, including sewing, shopping, especially at her favorite store, Dillard’s, and finding new treasures when shopping through the sale ads. Anita Jo is a passionate seamstress, and has created some truly beautiful items including her daughter-in-law’s wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses for another son’s wedding. Anita Jo is also very involved in various activities within University Village, including one of the plays put on by the Up, Up, and Away drama program and the community Wii bowling league. Most of all, she enjoys spending time with her friends at University Village. We are so glad to have Anita Jo as a part of our community.

University Village is here to help you! Discover the best options for senior living Tulsa communities at our location. To schedule a tour of our community for senior living in Tulsa, contact us here.

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Could music have magical properties when it comes to restoring the memories of seniors? While “magic” is certainly an overstatement, it cannot be denied that in many cases, listening to familiar music can help boost memory in a way that is unlike many others. A documentary film, Alive Inside, demonstrates this phenomenon through one man’s specific goal to provide iPods to nursing home residents. Courtesy of, here are some of the ways music can benefit seniors.

  • Research has shown that providing seniors with “late stage dementia music that has personal meaning to them for an hour at a time, 3 days a week, after 10 months they’ll score 50 percent better on cognitive tests”. Even for those whose memory is faltering, music can help them remember and even make new memories.
  • Playing music which is associated with a certain period of life can evoke strong emotional memories. Depending on the individual person, music which people associate with their childhood, early teens, young adulthood, even music their own children played often in the home can trigger strong emotional response and even boost memory and cognitive ability.
  • Connecting young and old is made easier when music is involved. With the digital age, music from nearly any point in time or any part of the world is easily accessible with a simple search. With technology, both young and old can partner together to access and enjoy music, leading to a stronger connection.
  • Music is easily accessible with the advent of computers, iPods and other mp3 players, and smartphones. It has never been easier to access a whole world of music to create playlists of especially significant songs.

Who knew that improving memory and quality of life is as simple as listening to music? Take the time to find a couple songs that are meaningful to you or your loved one and see what memories it triggers. You may remember remember something you had completely forgotten about!
University Village’s retirement home Tulsa OK location is here to help you! Contact us here to learn all about our senior living communities Tulsa OK properties.

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Senior living communities in Tulsa OK locations all offer many different options for your retirement living, but we believe University Village is the best. Learn more here to schedule a tour of our nursing home Tulsa OK community.

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Meet University Village’s Employee of the month for August, Antoinette Brown! Although Antoinette has only been serving in the UV main dining room for three months, her thoughtfulness is everlasting! Her nominations stated that Antoinette is helpful, kind and courteous to all UV residents and guests. Her teammates agree she is terrific to work with, clever with her duties and learns very fast. Staff members say she is always positive, has an awesome attitude and makes sure all her work is completed … Going above and beyond expectations. Plus Antoinette serves up a smile in all she does! Congratulations on a job well done!

If you believe you or your loved one may be ready to move into a retirement home Tulsa OK location, we can help with the transition. Our staff offer years of experience in specialized care for all retirement needs from independent to assisted living in Tulsa OK. Contact us here.


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Florence Beeman moved to University Village in July of 2003. She is a delightful 96 years old. Florence will honestly tell you what is on her mind and is a person who loves to visit. She stays current on the news of the day and also remembers details from long ago. She has a very positive attitude about life in general and feels that “doors were opened for her” that gave her many wonderful opportunities. Florence was in college at Cornell College in Iowa from 1939-1943 studying psychology and sociology. During this war time, there were trainees for the Navy Air Force on campus taking basic courses. In 1943 there was a “women’s choice” dance with the trainees. Florence walked up and chose a tall, handsome man to dance with. He walked her home that night and she went in and wrote in her diary that she had met the man she would marry. Florence went on to finish her undergraduate degree and she and Bill went their separate ways for a while, but kept in touch. Florence moved to New York to attend graduate school at the New York School of Social Work, which later became Columbia University. While there, she lived in a settlement house and was responsible for activities and recreation for Irish and Italian kids. In 1945 Bill asked Florence to come and visit him in San Francisco. Florence told her mother that she was going to “pick up her engagement ring”. Indeed, Bill had a ring waiting for her and they were married in April of 1945. Bill and Florence had two boys (born in Manhattan) and one girl (born in Kansas City). In 1957 Bill got a job offer in Oklahoma. Florence recalls saying, “Oh, not hot, old Oklahoma!” They did move and made Oklahoma their home. Later in life, Florence and Bill had the joy of 3 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. It was in Oklahoma that Florence began her career in social work. She worked for Family and Children’s Services for 30 years. She had actually gone in to apply to volunteer and they instantly wanted to hire her due to all of her extensive education in the field. In the later years of her career, she was referred to as “Mrs. Family and Children’s Services” and was very well known throughout Tulsa. Florence was in charge of Family Life Education. She went to groups to speak about parenting, children and divorce. She also wrote columns for the Tulsa Tribune and worked with the adoption agency. At the age of 66, Florence retired from Family and Children’s Services. But her work was not yet finished. For the next 5 years, Florence worked at what was then called Tulsa Junior College, teaching classes on Family Life, Human Sexuality and Aging. Florence loves to travel and has been to 19 countries. She is a people person and loves to tease. She says she got her sense of humor from her father. When asked if she has been happy here at University Village, she said with a grin, “Oh, you know I have!”

High quality of senior living Tulsa ought to be priority. We can help! Our nursing home Tulsa OK community seeks to meet your needs in the best way possible at University Village.  Contact us here to find out more.

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Taking control of your health is important for seniors, especially when it comes to preventative measure which can help keep you healthy and safe with little extra effort. Balance is one such area where simple, quick preventative steps can make a big difference. Many seniors struggle with maintaining their sense of balance, and a fall can quickly become dangerous. Here are some easy ways to improve your balance and prevent falls.

  1. Secure your environment. Small wires, corners of rugs, clutter, and any number of things can cause you to trip and fall. Prevent accidents by consciously, intentionally looking for hazards in your nearby environment including your home and pathways.
  2. Get informed about what messes up your balance. The inner ear interacts with your eyes, brain, and other parts of your body to get your balance right. Dizziness or problems with balance can be caused by a number of issues, especially a disturbance in the inner ear. Here is a informative article to learn a bit more about the physiological aspects of balance.
  3. Practice makes perfect. Simple little exercises can dramatically improve your balance over time. Some examples of this include standing on one foot for 10-15 seconds while firmly grasping a sturdy chair, or practicing placing one foot directly in line with the other while walking, touching the heel of the foot in front to the toe of the foot behind. For these and more exercises, see this helpful article from NIH Senior Health.
  4. Stay aware and be cautious. If you start to feel dizzy, now is not the time to walk all the way across the room. Allow yourself to take things slowly, be aware of how you are feeling, sit down or lay down if necessary, and don’t be ashamed to ask for help or utilize appropriate handrails to help yourself get around.

As we said before, prevention is key to avoiding crises and keeping yourself safe. Implementing simple practices such as these may lead to some big improvements in your life! If you are interested in making even more improvements to your senior living, come and tour University Village and see how we can help you, no matter what stage of retirement you are in!

High quality of senior living Tulsa ought to be priority. We can help! Our nursing home Tulsa OK community seeks to meet your needs in the best way possible at University Village. Contact us today!


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Robin has been employed with University Village since March of this year. She LOVES her job and tells us that her residents are all she thinks about when she’s away from work. Robin’s nomination stated that she is always courteous, helpful, kind and respectful. She is also complimented for being full of energy, with a huge heart for her residents. And Robin wanted us to know … The only thing she enjoys more than her job is her puppy, Max. Well, UV is doggone glad we have you in our Health Center!

Quality assisted living Tulsa OK care can be found at our community for senior living in Tulsa, University Village. Contact us here to learn more.

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