Safety Plan

Safety Plan

Emergency Preparedness Information

Dear University Village family,

We take Emergency Preparedness very seriously.  Our staff are drilled on emergency scenarios each year.  We conducted a Hazards Vulnerability Analysis in order to prioritize typical emergencies for our community.

Extreme cold often means hazardous roads in Oklahoma.  When driving conditions are challenging, there is a potential for delays in supplies including medical supplies, food and medications.  UV keeps a 3-day supply of perishable items and a 7-day supply of non-perishable food, medications and supplies at all times.  We have tire chains for our vehicles and an agreement with a local car rental company for the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  These steps help ensure we are capable of transporting residents or patients to needed locations including hospitals, Urgent care or dialysis.

Fortunately, with our generator, we are better able to shelter-in-place when extreme heat threatens our area.  Our generator can provide power to run our cooling system in all hallways and common areas throughout the main building.  If we lose power for an extended period of time during extreme heat, we will move residents into the cooler parts of the building.  We will keep them inside, ensure they are wearing lightweight clothing, provide them with cool beverages and limit their physical activity.  If we are unable to resolve the power outage in a timely manner, we will take additional steps to protect the residents and staff including renting an additional generator to power the air conditioning units or, as a last resort, evacuate residents to nearby nursing homes or assisted living facilities that we have contractual agreements with.

Severe thunderstorms are frequent in Oklahoma.  UV utilizes NOAA weather radios whenever a thunderstorm is in our area.  We are only a few blocks from the nearest fire station, which allows us to hear sirens that sound during severe storms indicating conditions are potentially threatening.  The generator provides power for lights throughout the entire building as well as the ability to continue providing meals in case we lose electrical power.  Our generator runs on diesel.  We have a contract with a local fuel provider to ensure delivery of additional diesel when needed.  If the winds are at high velocities, our staff will shut blinds, move residents away from windows and cover them with a blanket to protect from broken glass.

FIRE SAFETY: Our building is protected by a high-tech fire alarm and suppression system.  Two sets of sprinkler heads are located throughout the building, one set you can see and the other is above the ceiling.  The building is divided into smoke compartments.  When an event sets off the fire alarm system, fire doors will be released from their magnets and close.  Once the door is shut, it can hold back a fire for up to two (2) hours.  When the alarm sounds, the staff will immediately take action.  They find out the location of the potential fire and move residents out of that area into the next fire compartment.  Our staff are trained to RACE (R=Rescue the residents, A=sound the Alarm, C=Confine the fire, E=Extinguish the fire or Evacuate the residents) and PASS for the use of fire extinguishers (P=Pull the pin, A=Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire, S=Squeeze the handle, S=Sweep back and forth).  Our fire alarm system is monitored 24/7, so our local firemen will respond immediately as well.  If you are in the building when the alarm sounds, remain where you are unless the staff guide you to a different area.

Tornados are not as frequent as thunderstorms, but they do occur and can cause severe damage.  Many of our procedures are the same as for other potential threats, but we also move residents/patients to interior halls if UV is under a Tornado Warning (which means a tornado has been spotted near or approaching our area).

Active Shooters: We train our staff “See something, say something”.  They know to report any suspicious activity and to question people about their purpose in our building if the staff do not recognize them.  Our staff are trained to “Run, Hide or Fight”.  Our first priority is to remove residents from the area of an active shooter.  We will find the most feasible places to hide, lock the door, turn out lights, turn off cell phones and help the residents to remain calm.  As a last resort, if the armed intruder does attempt to enter the area where our staff and residents are hiding, our staff have been instructed to pick up anything they can find that could stop the intruder from causing harm and be prepared to use it.  If you are in the building when an armed intruder enters, please follow the instructions of the staff or the first responders, likely our local police officers.

Pandemic Flu:  For UV, any time we have more than two confirmed cases of the flu, we must report the cases to both our local and State health departments.  We will then work with our local health department to stop the spread of the virus.  Caregivers will receive updates from UV asking anyone with flu-like symptoms to not visit until they are symptom-free.  We take extra precautions by cleaning frequently touched surfaces.  We will isolate those with the flu from our other residents and patients until they are symptom-free.  If recommended by the Tulsa Health Department, we will take preventative measures by administering Tamiflu (or similar product) to all residents and patients.  UV will have masks and gloves available for those that must enter the area that houses those with confirmed cases of the flu.

No matter the emergency, we will keep caregivers informed.  UV collects e-mail addresses upon admission and will utilize those first for informational purposes and situations that potentially affect all of our residents and patients.  If an issue affects one or a small group of residents or patients, UV will contact caregivers by phone.

In the case of a serious disaster (damage to the building, need for evacuation), information will be posted to our website ( and UV Facebook page.  Our main number (918) 299-2661 will have a recorded message, informing callers to find further information on the UV website.  We ask that caregivers not call the nurse’s stations.  The phones in the Health Center and Assisted Living will need to be utilized for handling the emergency.

Emergency Preparedness procedures are covered upon hire with all staff and reviewed every year.  We conduct both tabletop exercises and a community exercise that involves practicing an evacuation with the help of our local firemen and a nearby long-term care community.  We have established several agreements with area nursing homes and assisted living facilities in case we need to evacuate or just need their assistance in handling an emergency in-house.  We have a contract with Culligan for back-up water.  We have back-up plans to our back-up plans.  Your loved one’s safety is our priority.

For more information on emergency preparedness, contact the UV Facilities Manager at 918-298-3368 or the Executive Director at 918-298-3652.

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