Brain Games For Seniors

August 20, 2020

Keeping your brain in shape during late adulthood is not only possible, but it is vitally important. Often times in the retirement years, the pace of life slows down, which means that brains don’t get the work outs that they used to. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate challenging brain exercises into your routine to keep that mind sharp and active. Here are some brain game ideas according to

Crossword puzzles: This tried and true game is sure to stimulate those brain cells and keep that mind active. What’s a three letter response to doing more brain games: YES!

Sudoku: Calling all math whizzes, sudoku is just what you are looking for to keep that brain stimulated. There are many variations from simple games to more advanced.

Scrabble: Remember the days before autocorrect and spellcheck? The skill of knowing how to spell words correctly comes in handy with this classic word scramble game.

Computerized Brain Training: Modern technology is amazing, and several apps are out there that can help enhance the player’s mental strength. Give it a try!

Chess: This timeless game of strategy is one of the best games to keep that brain sharp. Find a partner and encourage each other to play once a week.

Jigsaw Puzzles: These types of puzzles are good for improving short-term memory. Plus, there is a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you place the last piece and see the full picture.

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