Distance and Senior Care

January 26, 2017

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When parents and loved ones age, many men and women find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place as they are faced with the miles that separate them and their loved ones. Because of this distance, it can be incredibly difficult and discouraging to get valuable information about the well being of their parent through the communication of others, and short visits are often found to be discouraging and difficult to gauge the needs. Similarly, seniors who find themselves living far away from their adult children and loved ones often do not want to be a “burden” and voice their personal concerns or needs during the occasional visit or phone call. Here are our tips for navigating these challenges.
Share, share, share! Effective communication is key, especially when distance is a factor. Honestly sharing what is happening is one of the most important parts of facilitating care and dancing around the issues without addressing them easily leads into frustration and confusion. Be sure that all those involved are communicating – if everyone separately has only one piece of the puzzle, the big-picture solution will not be found.
Learn. Different periods of life mean different needs arise. Research all you can to learn about every little diagnosis, concern, and option. For example, if mom and dad are having a difficult time keeping up with their house, research house cleaning services or independent living communities in the local area. Jumping into something new without sufficient information is a recipe for disaster.
Teamwork makes all the difference. Especially for those living far away, senior care can be overwhelming and constantly worrying about your loved ones can lead you to neglect your own responsibilities. Building a team of people, including people who live close to your loved ones, relieves stress for caretakers and gives freedom from feeling like a burden on only one person.
With these tips, we hope that the stress that comes from distance between loved ones lessens and all those involved begin to feel more comfortable. Of course, University Village is always available as a resource to your family and friends as an exceptional community of senior adults with a staff who cares about making retirement living as comfortable as possible. You can learn more on our website at www.uvrc.com or by contacting us at (918)299-2661.

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