Emotional Well-Being For Seniors

October 14, 2019

In order to achieve an overall sense of well-being, more than just the physical domain should be taken into consideration. For example emotional well-being for seniors can be promoted in these three way:

  1. Promote well-being by fostering independence. As we age limits on what we are able to do start to manifest in different areas of our life. For example, macular degeneration can effect a person’s eyesight to the point that they are no longer able to drive. This creates an opportunity to become more intentional than ever to ensure that your loved one maintains a sense of self-determination.
  2. Promote well-being by volunteering. It’s no secret that depression later in life is a reality for so many senior adults. Providing opportunities for seniors to engage in volunteer activities, such as greeting visitors at church, or sorting the donation box, can create a huge boost in mood that gives the volunteer a sense of purpose.
  3. Promote well-being by spending time with grandchildren. As we age, relationships with loved ones seems to become more and more important. Especially with grandchildren who have a tendency to bring energy, fun and laughter into our lives. Additionally, this time creates opportunities to invest in the next generation and help them grow.

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