Family Fun Walk

April 2, 2015

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Fitness experts say that a good old-fashioned walk is as valuable as other aerobic exercise like swimming or biking. In fact, walking may be the best form of exercise you can undertake! After all, it’s the oldest and most common form of exercise known to man.
“Use it or lose it”… is what most doctors are telling their mature patients about their bodies. But seniors needn’t think they have to sign up for a 10K run to stay in shape. Instead, fitting a simple 30-minute walk into daily activities can keep your body and mind physically strong and agile.
A study by researchers at the University of Georgia shows that older folks who kept up with a walking program for four months had significant health improvements. Walking works out muscles throughout the body and is one of the best exercises for your feet. Virtually every cardiac rehabilitation program in America bases its exercise regimen on walking.
To help you get started, or continue getting in shape, UV is having a family fun walk called the “Daisy Dash.” It’s a family-themed 1/2 mile walk held right here on our campus. Anyone can participate, even if you have a walker or scooter! Not only will this event be good for your health, but we hope it encourages family bonding and a love for the outdoors. Seventy-seven MILLION Americans walk for fitness and pleasure. Why don’t you?




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