Five Activities to Connect Teens and Grandparents

December 8, 2016

With such a large age gap, often it may be hard to find ways for the youngest generation and the oldest generation to find common ground when it comes to activities and interactions. Fortunately, we have come up with five cross-generational activities that will help young and older adults alike unplug and connect:

  1. Volunteering: Not only does it build character and compassion, it is a great way to get passionate and help others together.
  2. Get Fit: Great workouts to fit both types are gardening, dog-walking, Tai Chi, mall walking or going to a local lake or state park.
  3. Share Stories: Storytelling cultivates creativity and a sense of connectedness. Grandparents have lived a lot of life and have walked through many seasons and the younger generations can learn so much from them about life!
  4. Learn a new hobby: Summer and Fall can be the perfect times for younger generations to learn a pastime from their older relatives.Both generations can learn and benefit from spending this time together doing a cherished activity whether it’s wood-working, cooking or creating homemade recipe labels.
  5. Use technology together: Not all of it is bad. In fact, because the younger generations are well-versed and exposed to technology, they can help their elders and show them how to communicate on these various channels.

Making these cross-generational activities a priority during the summer and fall months is an easy task and meaningful for both younger and older generations as they spend quality time together, unplug from the daily routine and pressures of life and build a life-long relationship.
Grandkids are welcome (and even encouraged) at our community as our residents love being around youth and younger generations! We often have visitors at University Village and encourage you to come take a tour of our property that many call home! You can contact us here (918) 299-2661 or

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