Heart Health and Retirement

February 22, 2019

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The heart is the core of our being. Keeping our hearts healthy is vital for a long, happy and healthy life. And the upkeep doesn’t stop as you get into your retirement years. Here are a few tips to think about as you consider heart health and retirement:

  • Lifestyle Changes: When retirement comes around, most people are thrilled to let go of the stress that comes from a 9-5 job. Often times the pace of life slows way down so be mindful that you might not be taking as many steps during the day as you used to. This could lead to weight gain that could lead to issues with your heart. What can you do to keep moving?
  • Meals: During retirement, it’s easy to not put yourself on a rigid schedule. Creating margin of time to relax and do whatever you want is a good thing, but sometimes this can mess with the rhythm of eating healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. Our hearts need proper fuel to function correctly, so make sure you are keeping up with what your body needs.
  • Social Interaction: The changes of retirement can be many. One unforeseen change is that your social interaction could become a lot less than what you are used to. People you are used to speaking with everyday could quickly become acquaintances you speak with only around the holidays. This can create an overwhelming sense of loneliness that you didn’t anticipate. Be intentional about keeping up with friends, scheduling coffee or dinner dates, and don’t fall into the isolation trap.

As always, check with your doctor on a regular basis about what is best for your own heart health. At University Village we care about you and your life!

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