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June 11, 2014

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I want to congratulate the new members of the 2014 Resident Advisory Committee: Ken Myers, Carl Seaton, Ruth Swarthout, Billie Reeder, Lois Herold and Irene Taylor. Merle Schwendimann was voted to hold the position of Chairwoman by the outgoing committee members. I look forward to working with each of them. Please remember to submit your suggestions using the box located on the north side of the circle lounge.
In May of 2014, the University Village Foundation was able to financially assist another employee that has missed work due to medical issues. We are grateful for your donations to this fund. The tithes collected during our UV church service go directly into the University Village Foundation. The Foundation makes a monthly contribution to an area charity. In June, we will be supporting the Little Light House and Happy Hands. The Little Light House is a tuition-free Christian developmental center providing educational and therapeutic services for children with special needs ages birth to six. Happy Hands is an educational center for children who are deaf and hard of hearing and children with other communicative disorders.
Roger Bush, curator of the Elsing Museum, constructed a wonderful display last month in the circle lounge. He has also agreed to periodically change out the articles kept in our own display cases. We have set up a tour this month to see the museum, but I encourage you to visit it at least once a year as the display cases change from time to time and the museum is located right next door on the ORU campus.
For those of you that walk outside, I encourage you to wear insect repellant, bright colored clothing and good walking shoes. Mosquitoes are most active in the early mornings and early evenings. Bright colored clothing will allow drivers to see you as you are walking towards them (always walk against oncoming traffic). Good walking shoes will help to prevent injuries. Well before your shoe treads wear, your midsole shock absorbers wear out. At that point, your feet have to take over the shock-absorbing job. The result can be chronic foot pain. According to Prevention Magazine, if you walk 45 minutes three times each week, you should change your walking shoes every five to six months.
Please help us to keep our dining room safe by not blocking the aisles with scooters or walkers. The dining services staff have been instructed to move them to our designated parking areas to prevent any injuries. It’s important to have open aisles in case we need to evacuate due to an emergency.
We will be remodeling the elevators starting around June 11th. We will start with the South elevator and then complete the main hall elevator. You can utilize the circle lounge ramp, the stairs or the operable elevator during the remodeling.

God Bless each of you,
Vanessa Neal, Executive Director




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