June Resident Spotlight: Bob Childers

June 22, 2017

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Bob Childers was the oldest of 4 children born to Carrie and Bud Childers on January 7, 1926 in Tulsa, OK.
During his childhood, Bob went through tough times with his family because of the depression. But fondly remembers going to see Grandpa who owned a Country Store and getting candy. It always made his day!
“I went to grade school at Park Elementary in the early 30’s and it’s now being closed in 2017, that’s something to think about, explains Bob. “I continued at Clinton and wrapped up high school at Webster in 1944. I was always bashful and didn’t like to get up in front of folks. That all turned around when I went to Oklahoma School of Business where classes required me to turn that around. Once I graduated I got a job at Otha H. Grimes Oil Company to do accounting but my boss put me keeping track of his registered animals, which were many. That was not easy keeping track of all that livestock. It wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing, so I worked there only until I could get another job.”
“Through all of my jobs I worked as a helper or a leader,” explains Bob. “At that point, I learned to love people and care for them. I met a friend at church and she became my wife, Mozelle Crouch. I was offered a job with Williams Brothers Pipeline Company, and I told Mozelle that I wouldn’t take it unless she went with me. So, we got married in 2 days and off to Minnesota to lay pipelines. That job took us to many cities, states and even Old Mexico which carried many dangers and we needed to have a body guard 24 hours a day, for 3 years of our marriage. When we returned from Mexico, I was hired TD Williamson and stayed with them until I retired at 65 as their Benefits Plan Administrator where I enjoyed working with the people one on one. Mozelle and I were blessed with a son, daughter, a grandson and a granddaughter. We were married for 44 years before Mozelle passed.”
Bob moved to University Village October 2013 into a cottage. “It allows me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. I enjoy the parties like our Goodbye for the Summer Luau for the ORU students. I’m doing things I didn’t think I’d be doing and enjoying them! I truly believe God brought me here. My life has been uneventful, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”
We are honored to have Bob in the University Village Community! He is making a difference and sharing the love of life.

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