Monarch Butterfly Waystation Now at University Village!

October 27, 2016

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Did you know that Monarch butterflies migrate south for the winter, just like birds? Or that a Monarch butterfly’s’ favorite food is a plant called Milkweed? No matter the depth of your butterfly knowledge, everyone enjoys watching the fluttering wings of butterflies as they dance from flower to flower and garden to garden. At University Village, we are expecting copious amounts of butterflies in the future, as we are pleased to announce that, the City of Tulsa, through the support of community sponsors, will be building a butterfly waystation near 85th and Lewis as part of their beautification and sidewalk project. Butterfly waystations provide nectar and milkweed to the butterflies during their migrations, necessary for their survival of the long journey. Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett stated, “Our number one priority for the neighborhood was to install a much needed sidewalk to make it safer for pedestrians. Through our resiliency efforts, groups across generations came together to make this more than a sidewalk project by creating a unique monarch waystation that could also serve as the practical connector for residents in the area.”

University Village will be maintaining the upkeep of the butterfly waystation after the installation this fall by students at Oral Roberts University and Riverfield Country Day School. The students of Riverfield Country Day school also have made plans to continue to visit the waystation, as they tag Monarch butterflies during their migrations. After the installation, the butterfly waystation will be open to the public, so why not come check it out!

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