Resident Spotlight: Bill Sitler

December 28, 2017

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Bill Sitler loves life! He is the second son of Grace and Lawrence Sitler, born in Alliance, Ohio. He still wonders how he was so blessed to have the mom he had! Bill says, “She was a true gem. Back in the 30’s a woman with 2 children and widowed had nothing. Her life inspired me to go to college.“
Bill continues, “Before I went to college I served in the Army. I thought I was going to get a cushy job as a photographer but I found out that on D-day 14 photographers went on shore with the troops and only 3 returned. It was fortunate the war was over before I went in. My job was a lab Technician. I’d fix the film that photographers and technicians messed up. Eventually, I became an instructor of photography for 2 years. Upon leaving the Army, I went to Kent State University and graduated with a degree in Political Science and Photographic Journalism. Westinghouse Electric Cooperation was my next stop over for Graduate Student Training Program which led me into a Manufacturers Agent. I developed a device to pick up the end bells of the Saturn Missile which then got used to pick up the wings section of fighter jets (SR71). What a great experience I’ve had between work and travel!
I married Sally Mantle, the love of my life, in April 1954. We had 2 children and now I have 4 grandchildren. We met some extremely interesting people, traveled to 24 countries including Israel, and all 50 states. I realized going to Israel wasn’t a vacation but a pilgrimage, a religious experience. It was awesome. Life has been an amazing ride.” Since moving to University Village Bill has found great joy in meeting folks. He is UV’s encourager and comedian bringing joy wherever he goes. We look forward to his photography class coming soon!
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