Resident Spotlight: Carol Murray

August 31, 2015

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If you were born on Christmas and your name is Carol, you might be this adorable, energetic, accomplished 94-year-old, who currently resides in University Village. Born and raised in Cleveland, Okla., Carol grew up with her sister playing jacks, singing in church choir, roller-skating around the neighborhood and making mud pies. Her father was an accomplished welder and her mother was a caring, stay-at-home mom.

When Carol entered high school, a friend of hers told her about the “blue girl” volunteer program at the local hospital. Simply intrigued by the opportunity, Carol jumped right in and began volunteering, thus sparking her passion for a future career in nursing. Carol did an internship-type program at Saint John’s campus for 3 months, earning a total of $45 and earning her a spot in the nursing school at Saint John’s. She went on to graduate in 1943, then served as an Army nurse. She served during World War 2 and VJ day. Though she and her husband, whom was a Prisoner of War stationed in Japan, divorced, Carol found her soulmate working at a hospital in Hominy, Okla., just three years later. They remained happily married for 23 years. Her husband worked in the Tulsa police force and her son continued on the tradition and great honor to work in this field as an assistant chief police officer in Mounds, Okla.

On the other hand, Carol worked for Surgery Inc. for 31 years as a nurse and retired when she was 60 years old. She attended church with her aunt as a child and has continued her passion for church and community by being an active member of Brookside Baptist Church here in Tulsa, Okla. Carol has traveled around the globe and inside of her cozy cottage, one can observe her many art pieces and souvenirs from her trips. Some of her travels include England, Scotland, Austria and Mexico. Paintings, watercolor and drawings hang on her walls and are beautiful reminders of a life she calls “very blessed.”

When asked of the best advice to remember through life, Carol responded “Follow your doctor’s orders, keep busy, don’t do drugs, don’t get discouraged, finish school and pray. Pray a lot.” Wise words from a woman who aspires to become a centenarian.
“Only six more years. I can do it!” Carol chuckled and said confidently.

Carol is existed by her older sister, who lives in Memphis, Tenn., and her two children, both of whom live in South Texas. She adores her grandchildren and great grandchildren, one of whom is a Navy SEAL! In her free time, Carol enjoys playing bridge, Mexican train dominoes, attending book clubs and attending all the UV activities.

“I love everything offered at UV. I love the food and I appreciate the work that has been done the past 8.5 years I’ve lived here,” Carol said.

Simply said, Carol is a rock star. She still drives herself, is in great health, reads to the visually impaired, actively reads novels and is up to date on technology. You can find her at bridge club, knitting in the lounge or socializing with fellow residents, smiling and enjoying her abundant life.

Vibrant residents like Carol are everywhere at University Village! If you are interested in more information on Senior Living in Tulsa, contact us here or come by for a tour.




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