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August 31, 2017

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Seniors, you are living in the golden years. There are many areas where retirement particularly seems to shine, and you may be missing out on one of them: senior discounts! It never hurts to take full advantage of all the benefits of being 55+, so here are the top four areas where you may be able to save some extra money!


  • Restaurants: A large number of national chain restaurants offer various senior discounts upon requests. Some fast food restaurants will offer you a free food or drink item simply with proof of age, some restaurants will offer a discount off the final total on your receipt. Obtaining an AARP card can be beneficial, but it is not necessary for many restaurants. Ask the staff next time you are out to eat, and you may save a couple extra bucks!
  • Entertainment: Certain chains of movie theaters offer up to 30% off your movie tickets for seniors! If you are more of a get-up-and-go kind of person who is up for a bit more activity and exploration, the U.S. National Parks service offers various passes for a discounted price for seniors, and discounts can also be found for certain attractions or amusement parks across the states. Dig around before you head out on your next little adventure and you never know how it might pay off.
  • Retail Shopping: Once again, chain stores come in with some pretty great savings offers for seniors. Certain stores offer special senior savings days every week, others only offer savings once a month. Either way, choosing to schedule your shopping trips around those times may pay off… all the more shopping you can do!
  • Travel: Here is yet another way you can find yourself with extra cash. Many travel companies offer senior discounts on their services, including several different airlines, rental car companies, and a number of hotels. Simply ask before you book the next time you are planning a vacation and you may be surprised at how easy it is to save money.

Senior discounts are a surprisingly underutilized resource. For a more complete and specific list of senior discounts, see For more information on how to improve your senior living, UV can help!

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