Top Three Reasons to Volunteer as a Senior

June 11, 2015

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As seniors, our days of serving are not behind us! In fact, studies have shown that there are numerous benefits for us when we volunteer. If you’re feeling a bit of the blues, try volunteering and help build up your community.

First, volunteering brings an element of fun and fulfillment into your life. By serving others, you can know that you are having an impact while also having a sense of achievement in your life. Volunteering can open up various aspects and talents in your life that you didn’t even know you had until you volunteered!

Second, volunteering increases your community size. By working with like-minded volunteers, you can make incredible friends, and can even teach the younger volunteers life lessons that you have learned! Whether it’s at your community garden, local library, or church, volunteering can help you feel a part of a community bigger than yourself.

Third, volunteering is good for you mentally and physically! Volunteering helps you stay mentally fit by fighting against depression and reducing your levels of stress and anxiety. Volunteering also helps you stay physically fit by lessening the risk of heart disease and chronic pain.

So enjoy this summer season and volunteer!




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