Wellness Programs at Senior Living Communities

February 16, 2017

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Many seniors find themselves struggling to stay active as they age. Sometimes it is because of an injury, sometimes because of reduced mobility, and sometimes because of a lack of interest. Excellent senior living communities will offer wellness programs to combat each of these concerns and help their residents lead active lifestyles no matter what their interest or ability may be. At University Village, we are committed to helping our residents lead healthy lifestyles and we offer a range of wellness programs for our residents to join in on. These programs can help our residents branch out and get to know new people, learn new things, and begin to discover a healthier lifestyle. Here are some of the highlights of exercise programs specially adapted for seniors.

  • Stretching Exercises Stretching Exercises are a gentle yet challenging way to improve your health. By stretching, you are increasing the flexibility of the muscles while strengthening and lengthening them as well. In addition, you might also find that your balance is improved. Stretching can be done in many different forms, adapting to each individual’s need.
  • Aqua Exercises Exercises in the water are “low impact”, meaning the strain on your joints is reduced while enabling your body to work hard. Varying degrees of intensity can be found in these types of exercises, although most aqua exercise can be a bit challenging
  • Various Games If you are more of the type of person who isn’t particularly interested in exercise classes, certain games may be the perfect method to get activity in your day. Horseshoes, pool, a bean bag toss, or even golf are among some of the activities that provide the opportunity to be active while also being challenging. You may have so much fun you simply forget that you are exercising!

Of course, each particular person has specific abilities and interests which ought to be taken into consideration when choosing a exercise program. Speaking with your doctor is also important, as they will be able to give you insight into what programs will be beneficial (or not!) Stay safe, but also have fun as your continue to develop ways to insert more activity into your healthy lifestyle. Check out our wellness schedule here to learn more about how University Village can also help you discover a healthy lifestyle suited to you. Contact us at www.uvrc.com or at (918)299-2661

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