What’s The Difference?

February 18, 2016

While searching and deciding the next step for a new season of life, many adult children and seniors may wonder, ‘What is the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living and a Nursing Home?’ You may wonder about the price, location, what’s included, etc. Well, we are going to answer your questions and provide you with great and helpful answers.

  • Independent Living is typically chosen when you are able to live without any help but no longer want or need to maintain your current home or living situation. You may want to live in a community of like-minded, similar age and interests people. The effort of cleaning, cooking, social activity and more is no longer a desire and you’d rather have someone else do it for you the majority of the time (which there is nothing wrong with that!). Many of these ‘independent living’ options are located within an Assisted Living Community and though you live separately, you have the option of eating, socializing and taking advantage of the health services if you choose.
  • Assisted Living is chosen when memory, medical or aging issues have lowered your ability to remain in your home safely. Maybe you still desire the personal privacy but just need a hint of assistance (or more). As with Independent Living, the cleaning, cooking, home repairs and health services are available at a closer touch point, Assisted Living also includes 24-hour supervision, transportation, laundry, dining options, health and wellness classes and more. The cost is frequently based on the level of care and assistance you need.
  • Nursing Homes are usually chosen when health needs require a skilled medical professional to provide daily service and care. The emphasis is on medical care. Usually nursing home facilities provide rehabilitation services and also include all of the above mentioned in Assisted Living.

There are many options available within our city that provide these but we truly believe our community includes the best, most quality experience for you or your loved one. To visit our website and see what all we have to offer, cost, location and speak to one our marketing staff, visit www.uvrc.com or call (918)-299-2661. We look forward to helping you and hope you choose our community for all that we offer!

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