2023 Open Enrollment

November 4, 2022

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November 13th – November 22nd in Paycom

Mandatory Meeting for those who wish to enroll:

Tuesday, November 15 at 10am, 2pm, or 7pm in the Stovall Theater

University Village Staff,

Open Enrollment is upon us and the Paycom Benefits Enrollment Portal will open on November 13th and close at midnight on November 22nd. This is your annual opportunity to review your benefits options, learn about changes, and make your 2023 elections. Benefits can only be elected or changed during the open enrollment dates unless you have a qualifying change in status during 2023.

Open Enrollment Meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, November 15th at 10 am, 2 pm, or 7 pm in the Stovall Theater. Please plan to attend one of these information sessions if you wish to enroll for 2023. This is your opportunity to learn more about our 2023 offerings and speak with representatives from our vendors. Additionally, we will provide a detailed demo of enrolling through Paycom.

**Please bring the device on which you access Paycom and ensure you can access your Paycom account before the meeting.**

Please make it a priority to enroll as early as possible so there is adequate time to answer any questions you have or address any technical issues you may encounter.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Human Resources please email hr@uvrc.com or call 918-298-3488 to schedule a time.

What’s new for 2023

The majority of our offerings will remain the same with a slight change in our medical plan offerings and the addition of a more comprehensive Employee Assistance Program which has already gone into effect. The offerings and cost of our ancillary coverages (Dental, Vision, etc.) will remain the same.

Medical Plan

Over the last several years, the cost of medical insurance premiums has increased significantly. To keep plan offerings affordable, we have made the following changes for the 2023 plan year:

  • The employee only CCOK Select plan with a 3500 deductible will see an increase of just over $5 per paycheck.
  • The CCOK Standard plan with 1000 deductible will be eliminated.
  • There will be a significant increase of more than x2.5 in the employee premiums for the CCOK Select plan with 1000 deductible.
  • Employees eligible for Insure Oklahoma will continue to receive coverage at no cost.
Employee Assistance Plan

Based on the feedback we received from many of you, we recently made a change to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider in order to offer expanded benefits with easier accessibility!

ComPsych offers unlimited 24/7 assistance available online, via a mobile app, or by phone. Below is a list of just a few of the services offered:

  • Up to 5 counseling sessions, per person, per issue, per year (members may select in person, over the phone, or video conferencing)
  • One free 30 minute consultation with network lawyers, per legal issue
  • Child, pet and elder care referrals and support
  • Vacation planning
  • Moving support and referrals
  • Purchasing a car
  • College Planning
  • Financial guidance on budgeting and short and long term planning

All employees have access to the EAP regardless of how many hours are worked and the program covers spouses and dependents.

For more information visit: https://uvrc.com/blog/change-to-employee-assistance-program/




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