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Employee of the Month: Faye Harper

Faye is the Unit Clerk in Assisted Living and has been working at UV for almost 17 years. She is a wonderful employee and often goes above and beyond to help her co-workers and ensure that the needs of the residents are met. Faye’s favorite part of her job is that every day is different,…

Community Spotlight: A Supurb Dining Experience

We know the importance of providing excellent dining services. At each meal, our talented dining team offers residents a variety of delicious choices for them to enjoy. We realize the dining experience is important both nutritionally as well as socially. Because of this, we make every effort to make mealtime at University Village a delight.…

Fall Prevention

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Working Past Retirement

One of the biggest struggles retirees face is the adjustment from a fast-paced life full of purpose to a relaxed schedule full of “what do I do now?” If you find yourself in a position with time you want or need to fill, you might consider finding a part-time job. Here are a few benefits…

Employee Of The Month: Martin Delgado

Martin is a part of the Dining Services team, has worked at University Village since 2005, and is married to our receptionist, Rosa Delgado. He is a wonderful worker in the kitchen, and is always willing to help his co-workers with a positive attitude and cheerful smile. Martin exhibits the core values of UV by…

Independent Living vs Assisted Living in Tulsa, OK

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Community Spotlight: TRIPS!

From time to time, University Village Retirement Community will plan trips for our residents. This includes quick trips to Wal-Mart, Woodland Hill’s Mall, Braum’s, Kohl’s and Reasor’s. These outings are scheduled each week and residents can sign up for the one that works best for them. What a relief that residents don’t have to deal…

Ageism And Seniors

The definition of Ageism is: prejudice or discrimination on the basis of a person’s age. It’s hard to understand why someone would think less of a person because of their age. Senior adults are amazing people with so much wisdom and a lot to contribute to society. Here are a few things to think about…

Employee Of The Month: Floyd James

Floyd is the nighttime security guard at University Village. He goes above and beyond his duties to keep our residents, staff, and property safe. Floyd has been known to assist residents even when it doesn’t pertain to security matters, such as escorting them to their cottages. He will patrol the grounds many times a night…

Catch Up On Activities At University Village

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