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Employee of the Month: Michael Nero

As a member of Resident Services, Michael assists residents in all levels. He is very conscious of driving UV occupants to their doctor appointments on time, and interacting with everyone he meets in a proficient manner. A physician’s office recently called to say, “Michael is nice, professional, and is consistently kind to residents, patient, and…

Brain Gain

We are more than half-way through UV’s “Year of Wellness.” How ya doin’? JULY is BRAIN HEALTH MONTH. Just like your body, if you stretch and exercise your brain, you can keep it fit. Here are some simple ways you can boost your brainpower to improve your life. Mental Stimulation. Activities that challenge your intellect…

Summer is Here- Unplug and Go Outside

Almost all of us have been awestruck by nature at one time or another, whether walking alongside a cool trickling stream, watching the sunset over the prairie, or hearing the wind blow through the trees. Being outdoors and aware of the world’s beauty can make anyone feel energized and alive. Since JUNE was the GREAT…

Inside Story from Vanessa

Thank you to all residents who are assisting us in keeping the dining rooms a safe place to eat. We are continuing to avoid blocking the aisles with scooters or walkers. The dining services staff has been instructed to move them to our designated parking areas to prevent any injuries. It’s important to have open…

Congrats University Village!

Once again, University Village has been voted Oklahoma Magazine’s Best of the Best Nursing Home! We are so proud of our staff and how they care for our residents.

A poem about University Village from one of our residents

Please enjoy this poem from one of our residents:

Inside Story From Vanessa

I want to congratulate the new members of the 2014 Resident Advisory Committee: Ken Myers, Carl Seaton, Ruth Swarthout, Billie Reeder, Lois Herold and Irene Taylor. Merle Schwendimann was voted to hold the position of Chairwoman by the outgoing committee members. I look forward to working with each of them. Please remember to submit your…




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