Family Vacation

February 13, 2015

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When the winter winds blow & the frosty cold lingers, it’s time to go                                        on a trip with your UV family. We Are Family

That’ right! Journey to familiar places and exotic locations without leaving the comfort of your community. “Travel Month” has destinations to the Greek Islands, China, Eastern Europe, the Wild West and close to home, right here in Tulsa, OK.

A recent survey by the Global Coalition of Aging (GCOA) found traveling to be one of the top two dreams Americans have about retirement. Studies also reveal that traveling plays a positive role in paving the path to healthy aging. Activities associated with tourism, such as visiting a museum, navigating an unfamiliar town, walking expeditions, or immersing in a new culture, have positive mental, physical and social benefits for everyone … especially senior citizens. It’s also a great way for older adults to remain active participants in society and live healthier lives by having enjoyable, interesting, exciting things to do.
In fact, “travel is good medicine,” says the GCOA. Those who trek outside their comfort zones claim to feel more satisfied both physically and emotionally. And different experiences increase cognitive stimulation and build brain resilience.
Sounds like “UV Travel Month” is just what the doctor ordered!




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