Flu Shot Update

October 12, 2023

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To those of you interested in receiving the flu vaccine:

Unfortunately, our pharmacy was not able to provide a vaccine clinic for our employees. We have a couple of options. Please find the category which you fall under below for instructions on receiving the vaccine. Those of you insured through our group policy, Community Care of OK, have several options outlined below. Those who are not insured will receive the vaccine on-site from our Infection Prevention Nurse. Please see HR or the Infection Prevention Nurse (Health Center Activities Room) if you have questions, or need assistance with any of the steps listed below. We are here to help!

INSURED with your own transportation

Those of you insured through our group policy, Community Care of OK, have several options. You may receive the vaccine through any CVS location or a drive-through option that Warren Clinic has made available at 66th and Yale. Both options require an appointment scheduled in advance.

CVS Online Scheduling:


Warren Clinic Online Scheduling:


INSURED without transportation

We will schedule one of the options outlined above with you and provide the needed transportation.


If you are uninsured, please report either to HR or to the Infection Prevention Nurse to arrange a time to receive your flu shot onsite.

Please be aware that due to limited availability in the vaccine supply, we are unable to provide onsite vaccination to all employees. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has created but are more than happy to ensure you can get vaccinated in the most convenient manner possible.




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