Mandatory Vaccination Policy

November 10, 2021

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To University Village Employees-

The federal vaccine mandate was issued late last week and we now have more information on who will be impacted, how, and when.

From the very announcement of the vaccine, University Village aimed to provide resources so each of you may educate yourself on whether vaccination is the right decision for you. The science and data overwhelmingly point to the vaccine’s critical role in protecting not only ourselves but our incredibly vulnerable residents. We also believe that the decision to be vaccinated is a personal one and the conversation is best had between you and your physician.

The new rules are clear in the requirement of vaccination under both OSHA and CMS. Both ADA and Title VII allow for employees to submit exemption requests for medical reasons or sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. We are here to support each of you, as we navigate this challenge. Please know that we are available for open and honest conversations and are prepared to provide each of you with the resources necessary to ensure we comply the mandate.

I am inspired daily by the steadfast resilience of those of you who continue to show up, smile, and care for our residents. Words cannot adequately express the appreciation we have for those of you who have been here, in loyal service to our residents and University Village throughout this health crisis.

We will release additional details as they are received.

Please direct all questions and exemption requests to Human Resources.

Wynter Hill-Ferrell

(918) 298-3488

UV Policy Manual 

Religious Accommodation Exemption Form

Medical Exemption Accommodation Guidance and Requirements




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