Strength Training Tips For Seniors

August 7, 2020

When ask what the secret is to a long and happy life, a frequent response from senior adults is this: Just Keep Moving. Moving the body is an essential part of maintaining wellness, and that includes keeping those muscles strong and toned. According to, here are a few strength training tips for seniors. As always, consult with your physician before you begin any exercise program.

  • Be kind to your joints: Be smart about the amount of weight and don’t over do it.
  • Start with body weight exercises: Using weights might not be the best way to start, so try exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups against the wall, dips, step-ups, or bicycle crunches.
  • Plan for extra warm-up and recovery time: It is important to remember that it takes extra time in late adulthood to heal and recover after a workout. Give yourself extra days to rest, then try again.
  • Set realistic goals: It’s important to blend your needs with what you want to accomplish and keep it all in a realistic framework. You may feel like a 20 year old in spirit, but your body is in a different place.

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