The Surprising Benefits of Bingo

December 27, 2019

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Bingo has been a beloved game of multiple generations. What is it about this time-tested game that makes fans of so many Seniors?

IT’S SOCIAL: Bingo brings people together in the same room, doing the same thing. The relative ease of the game enables players to chat with each other during play. There’s a common goal…winning at Bingo!

HEALTHY COMPETITION: Largely a game of luck, Bingo is still a competitive game. That feeling of pride after winning and the happiness we feel for other winners is great for our emotional well-being!

MEMORY HEALTH: Putting together letters and numbers, remembering the call while searching your card, and associating friend’s names and faces are all healthy benefits of playing Bingo!

AWESOME PRIZES: Regardless of the size or value of your prize, winning is happy event that lightens the mood and can cause euphoria! Confidence is increased and serotonin is produced in the brains of winners!

So, join the gang for the next scheduled game of Bingo and stimulate your brain. You may just make some new friends and win an awesome prize!

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