2QT2021 Mission Meeting

July 2, 2021

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Team UV:

To those of you who were able to join us for our 2QT2021 Mission Meeting, it was wonderful to see you there. For those who were unable to make it, please know you were missed!

Each year we are required to train all employees on HIPAA rules and regulations and what each of our responsibilities are as they relate to protecting the integrity and privacy of information. Additionally, we discussed the importance of the transition into a residential facility including what signs to watch for and how we can help ease the transition for our residents and their families. Attached you will find a slide show covering both topics and a handout about the top 10 HIPAA violations along with how to stay compliant, specifically as it relates to social media. Should you have questions about either topic, please see your Department Manager, HR, or the Executive Director.

Lastly, we took a bit of time to honor Milestone Anniversaries over this last quarter. Each of these individauls exemplifies the UV Values in all they do. We are so appreciative to each of them for their contributions to our community and the positive example they set for others.

RICAHRD BAILEY, Maintenance – 20 Years

SHERRI BROWN, Health Center – 15 Years

BENAIAH LYNN, Health Center – 5 Years

DULCE RODRIGUEZ, Dining Services – 5 Years

JARRETT  THRASH, Assisted Living – 5 Years

JOAN MCCLEARY, Health Center / Assisted Living – 5 Years

KATHERYN LOWER, Health Center – 5 Years

ROBERT SINGLETON, Dining Services – 5 Years

SHOSHANNA LYNN, Health Center – 5 Years


We are so fortunate to have many tenured employees and feel so blessed for each and every one of you. Thank you for your individual contribution to make University Village the wonderful community it is!


We look forward to gathering again as we close out the summer with our September Luau (date and time forthcoming). Until then, we wish each of you a splendid and safe Independence Day. May God bless you!

HIPAA and Understanding the Transition Presentation

HIPAA Handout

Milestone Awards




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