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Stress Management Tips for Seniors

Jot-It-Down: Stress can be a signal that the worries of life are getting backed up in your mind. Take a few minutes to make a list of what is bothering you. Expand the items, as necessary, to add additional details and to brainstorm solutions. Read Words of Inspiration: Sometimes the mind can get stuck on…

Employee of the Month: Christopher Williams

Chris has been on the maintenance team for one year. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and enjoys  volunteering and putting God first in his life. Chris said the best part of his job is having the freedom to express himself, truly be heard, and laugh when he needs to de-stress, which inspires…

Talking With Your Doctor – Tips For Seniors

University Village is here to help you! Discover the best options for senior living Tulsa communities at our location. To schedule a tour of our community for senior living in Tulsa, contact us here.

Brain Games For Seniors

Keeping your brain in shape during late adulthood is not only possible, but it is vitally important. Often times in the retirement years, the pace of life slows down, which means that brains don’t get the work outs that they used to. Therefore, it’s important to incorporate challenging brain exercises into your routine to keep…

Employee of the Month: Gia Disanto-Underwood

Gia is an RN in the Health Center, and she is a true team player. Gia has always been known for going above and beyond, and her performance has been outstanding for the last four months as our delivery of care has changed during COVID. She is an encouraging presence to the staff and does…

Strength Training Tips For Seniors

When ask what the secret is to a long and happy life, a frequent response from senior adults is this: Just Keep Moving. Moving the body is an essential part of maintaining wellness, and that includes keeping those muscles strong and toned. According to, here are a few strength training tips for seniors. As…

Emotional Obstacles To Downsizing

The thought pops into your head: “Maybe it’s time to downsize.”  Maybe your family has all grown up and moved into their own homes, maybe you’ve reached retirement and suddenly come to the realization that you are living alone in a big house, or maybe the upkeep of your home is all just too much.…

How to Start a Conversation About Moving to a Senior Living Community

Maybe the last time you visited home you noticed some things about your loved ones that sparked concern.  Maybe mom and dad mentioned needing some extra help around the house, or you worry about them being unable to keep up with their lifestyle. Transitions are always difficult, especially when it comes to the time for…

Tips For Visiting A Senior Living Community

If you find yourself on the precipice of searching for a senior living community, the task can appear to be a daunting one. Here are some suggestions of things to look for and to experience. Keep track of what you notice and how you feel with each one, then you will be able to compare…

Employee of the Month: Kathryn Lower

Kathryn is a CNA in the Health Center. She was born and raised in Tulsa, and has a younger brother and sister, of whom she is very proud. She always comes to work on time with a smile and a great attitude, even on tough days. She is always kind to the residents and other…




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