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Are you searching for assisted living Tulsa OK communities? University Village can help! Contact us here and discover all you need to know about our retirement homes in Tulsa OK and how we can help you have a more comfortable retirement.

Tips For Selecting The Right Medicare Coverage Plan

It’s open enrollment time for Medicare, which can create anxiety for those 65 and older as they ponder whether they should stay with their current coverage or make a change to a cheaper option. It’s important to take a balanced approach and study the options, which can be overwhelming due to the large number of…

Employee of the Month: Trevor Gray

Trevor Gray has been on the marketing team at  University Village for almost two years, with 20 years of experience working in retirement communities. He also helps the staff with computer and technology needs. During the pandemic, Trevor has gone above and beyond to serve the residents of UV. Trevor states, “One of my favorite…

Healthy Conversation Starters With Seniors

Senior adults need social interaction now more then ever. It can be challenging sometimes to come up with new things to talk about, especially if you are experiencing quarantine or isolation due to the pandemic. Here ae some tips from for intentional, healthy conversations with seniors: Connection: It is important to give your full…

Emotional Wellness For Seniors

Emotional wellness can be a foundation for quality of life among the senior population. Often in late adulthood, one experiences many changes in domains such as health, finances, social relationships, family and experiencing a sense of purpose. It may be difficult to control these things, but what can be controlled is the response one has…

Ageing and Health

Learn all you need to know about assisted living Tulsa OK communities with help from our staff at University Village at our senior living communities Tulsa OK. Contact us here to learn how we can help your search for retirement homes in Tulsa OK.

Watch For These Signs of Alzheimer’s

It is normal for changes in the brain to occur in late adulthood, however there comes a point when those changes may begin to affect daily life. Alzheimer’s is defined as a brain disease brought on by a gradual decline in memory ability, cognitive functioning and reasoning skills. According to, If you have a…

Employee of the Month: Melissa Carney

Melissa has been a part of the maintenance team since May 2019. She was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and grew up in Tulsa. She has two sons, and a 4 year old grandson, who keeps her on her toes! Her hobbies include playing guitar and fishing, and she hopes to one day win at Wii…