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Watch For These Signs of Alzheimer’s

It is normal for changes in the brain to occur in late adulthood, however there comes a point when those changes may begin to affect daily life. Alzheimer’s is defined as a brain disease brought on by a gradual decline in memory ability, cognitive functioning and reasoning skills. According to, If you have a…

Employee of the Month: Melissa Carney

Melissa has been a part of the maintenance team since May 2019. She was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and grew up in Tulsa. She has two sons, and a 4 year old grandson, who keeps her on her toes! Her hobbies include playing guitar and fishing, and she hopes to one day win at Wii…

5 Tips To Stay Happy In Late Adulthood

As we transition from one season of life to the next, it’s important to be intentional about proactively maintaining all the different domains of life. Especially being mindful of doing what we can to keep yourself happy. Here are some tips to stay happy in late adulthood according to Exercise: Having a regular exercise…

Fall Prevention

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Four Ways To Help Seniors Stay Positive

As a caregiver of a senior adult, building and maintaining an atmosphere of positivity is vital to the overall mental health of your loved one. Here are a few ideas to help you build positivity: Encourage Independence: As one enters into late adulthood, the freedom and control that was once enjoyed can begin to dwindle.…

Stress Management Tips for Seniors

Jot-It-Down: Stress can be a signal that the worries of life are getting backed up in your mind. Take a few minutes to make a list of what is bothering you. Expand the items, as necessary, to add additional details and to brainstorm solutions. Read Words of Inspiration: Sometimes the mind can get stuck on…

Employee of the Month: Christopher Williams

Chris has been on the maintenance team for one year. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and enjoys  volunteering and putting God first in his life. Chris said the best part of his job is having the freedom to express himself, truly be heard, and laugh when he needs to de-stress, which inspires…

Talking With Your Doctor – Tips For Seniors

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